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Missionary Musings: My Perspective From The Field

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome. to Terry Young's Blog!

If you have followed us for long, you know that I had a pretty good blog while we were missionaries in Russia back in the 90's and 2000's. I have since wanted to reinstate another blog after Russia but couldn't exactly do that.

Since that time, we have done a great deal of work in South East Asia and several other continents. We now live in Tirana, Albania, which is a European country though also a former Communist one. Albania maintained their independence from regimes such as Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union. Now, Albania is a completely independent, though developing nation.

Terry & Terri Young - Missionary/Teachers Living in Albania

Social Media

We are, of course, on Social Media. Our FaceBook is simply T-N-T Ministries; Instagram tntministriesinternational; Twitter: @tntmissions or you can email us at:

Add a Closing Message

Let me say again, thank you for checking out our new blog. Welcome! I will write about what my latest thoughts are, share from my books or share insights from our experiences among the nations and offer lucid teachings on relevant matters.

Use this space to tell readers what they should do next. Invite readers to leave a comment, or add a button with your main call-to-action, e.g., Buy Now or Subscribe.

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