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Our Story

The Adopt An Inmate program came about due to a deplorable set of circumstances involving a vehicle accident.  Pastor Jim Curtis, Terri’s father was convicted and incarcerated.   While confined in the County facility, Pastor Curtis decided to continue his ministry as a pastor to the inmates around him. His pod of cells became known as the "God-Pod," with nearly everyone around him becoming a believer in Christ, professing Him as their Lord and Savior!

How are T-N-T Ministries Involved?

Of course, we took it very personally when Pastor Curtis was jailed and did everything we could to help him. However, due to his involvement with the other inmates around him, we began sending literature and putting funds into Pastor Jim's commissary account to help him buy extra coffee and candy for those in his pod.  


            It is incredible how a few extras can make life a little more tolerable. After seeing how many inmates would come in to sit with "Pops" to discuss the Bible, we added a small stipend to many of their commissary accounts.  In addition, we began to send monthly devotionals.  


            This outreach ministry is growing faster than we could have imagined. Each inmate must call pastor Jim monthly to check in with him before any funds are released. It is challenging to keep up with their frequent transfers, but it is worth the effort. One of the inmates asked if he could continue calling pastor Jim even after he had been released and didn't need any more funds in his account.  


            The needs are significant! These men and women need our help. You can become involved here if you want to touch an inmate's life.  

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To give by mail-

Make checks out to "TNT Ministries"

memo Adopt an Inmate

PO Box 712

Morgantown, WV 26507

Jim Curtis (304) 613-9828

To give online Scan QR Code or Click "GIVE NOW" in menu.

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