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Here is a small look at what God has done in the last 17 years of ministry


Terry & Terri have continually worked in Russia, Ukraine & throughout the former Soviet Union for many years.  Beginning work with Josh McDowell Ministry, then Calvary International, their family lived in Russia beginning in 1999. In the early 2000s, TNT began working with Rick & Denise Renner where they continued to serve for over 10 years, when they were called to the new mission field of Hanoi Vietnam. Terri & Terri continue to return to Russia each year ministering God's Word.  

Southeast Asia

While living in Russia, Terry & Terri became very involved with the Vietnamese community in Moscow.  With the love of the Vietnamese people in their hearts they moved from Moscow to Hanoi in 2010, where they lived and worked for 6 years. They continue to visit Vietnam regularly.


Working with Rhema Kenya, Terry & Terri teach the Word of God in several locations in Kenya. The Kenyan people are precious and desire to see a move of God in their land.  Terry & Terri continue to go there regularly, training African leaders.


India is a diverse and populated country.  There is a distinct move of God there in northeastern India where the Christian community has a great desire to learn more about the Word of God.


Teaching the foundational principles of God's Word we help train Indian leaders to reach their nation for Jesus Christ.


Terry & Terri live in Albania and travel from there to both Western and Eastern Europe.  The Balkan region has long been a place of divisions.  Only Christ can bring people together with the love of God.

From Albania, they can reach multitudes of people with the life-changing message of the Gospel.



Both Terry & Terri are well-seasoned Bible professors. They frequently travel within the United States to instruct and share their vision for ministry.  


While they are in the U.S. they are available to come minister at your church or group.

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