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Megan   Lacey  Lily 

We are the Giompalos and we know that God has placed a calling in our hearts to be the hands and feet of Jesus throughout the world.  


Our ministry is called “Beautiful Feet.”  As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Roman’s 10:15)


We believe that when physical needs are met that hearts will be open to receive the gift of salvation God has offered through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we are joining with T-N-T Ministries International, bringing humanitarian aid and spiritual restoration.   


       Beautiful Feet Ministries would like to introduce David, a husband, father of seven, and fellow brother in Christ, residing in Kisumu, Kenya. We began working with David in January of this year, sending boxes of humanitarian aid to distribute to a local village east of Kisumu, with 900 residents and extreme poverty. We would like to share the testimonies of three villagers greatly impacted by this outpouring of love.


     Millicent, is a single mother of three and cares for her 90 year old mother-in-law. She struggles to feed and clothe her family and send her children to school. In order to support her family, she hand braids ropes to sell at the market. However this is a struggle for her, as she has a severe eye infection from a sustained injury. Joyfully, our ministry has been able to provide Bibles, food, clothing, medical care, and school fees for her children. This beautiful soul was also a member of a false religion, known as the Legio Maria Church. Yet, upon hearing the Gospel and receiving a Bible, she has denounced this religion and converted to Christianity. David, our brother in Christ still disciples her and checks on her family. 


     Margret, another villager impacted by our ministry, was  a long-time member of the Legio Maria Church, at 72 years old. This religion was all she knew. Yet one day, David was able to share Jesus with her, and her heart was open to receiving a Bible. After studying the Bible, her life was changed. David also aided her in burning the altars and shrines of the "black messiah" whom she previously worshiped. She then accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and is now connected with a local Christian Bible- based church. Since then, our ministry has been able to bless our new sister in Christ with better living conditions, building her a better home and providing her with nutritious food. 

     Violet, a sweet mother of three, was a social outcast in her village, due to a pest infestation. Living in extreme poverty, David found her family severely malnourished and living in a home infested with jiggers (a parasitic flea that embeds in the skin). However, thanks to our generous partners, we were able to remove the infestation, and provide her family with medical care and nutrition. The house was not only fumigated, but a new floor (free from parasites) was also provided. Her family was also blessed with new shoes, clothing, utensils, beds, and bedding.


     Our vision is to impact this entire village for Christ, and build a church that provides education, aid, and spiritual restoration to this community for generations. 

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Roman’s 10:14-15).


         Beautiful Feet Ministries is honored to partner with "Shelter of Love Uganda" a Shelter & Training Center, founded by our dear friend Anna.


       After attending Uganda Christian University, Anna felt called to minister to orphans and underprivileged teenagers. Compassionate and loving, Anna set out on a mission to found Shelter of Love, the first orphanage of its kind, in her home country of Uganda. Currently, her ministry shelters, feeds, and educates 26 children. Drawn to her love for Christ, our ministry has agreed to partner with her by providing clothing, food, school supplies and school fees for her beautiful children.


     We were also able to provide high-level medical care for a boy named, Osiri. Pairing him with the correct style of prosthetic leg for his condition. He can now run and play with the other children, without constant pain, effecting his spinal growth. 


     Michael , is another special boy, who came to Shelter of Love with an unknown eye condition at six years old. 

After providing him with medical treatment, doctors determined he was blind in his right eye. However, through great contributions, and medical procedures, the sight in his left eye has been fully restored. His left eye can now register things from near and far, something he could never do before his treatment. 


    Rita, a shelter of love original, recently fell ill with malaria at the tender age of nine. Our ministry was able to provide her with the correct treatment to save her life, sending her to a nearby hospital. Without which, she would have suffered from the disease, and possibly lost her life. 


     In addition to caring for the children at the Shelter of Love, Anna also travels to local schools, educating young girls about their bodies and providing menstrual pads and underclothing.  She also hosts workshops teaching these students how to make and manipulate reusable menstrual pads. Females in this region have limited access to feminine products so they often drop out of school at an early age, suffer from improper hygiene, or become victims to sexual abuse. It is our prayer, alongside Anna, that every young woman understands their body, and has access to feminine products, and most importantly values themselves as a beautiful child of God.


     Beautiful Feet Ministries partnering with Shelter of Love, has been able to meet the physical and spiritual needs of many children in Uganda. It is our heart that the love of Jesus is shown to each and every child impacted by our ministry. To continue achieving our mutual goals, our vision is to build a permanent shelter for all of the children, paying for all school fees, and ensuring that each teenage girl has access to feminine products. 

If you would like to give a designated offering to Beautiful Feet Ministries you can scan the QR Code or click the "Give to Beautiful Feet" Button here


Write a check to TNT Ministries and designate the offering in the memo to Beautiful Feet Ministries

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